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A good user experience can save time & energy

From a great creative idea to problem solving

To come up with a great idea, it is important to figure out what you are trying to solve, in order to acheive it. Great ideas are based from some elements that are needed by the people before they even know it, express it and value it…


Nice steps to remember before beginning your work

Know your segment

Knowing your segment will give your a more focused group that you fully can consentrate on and be less distracted by other feedback that is not needed on your work

Know their needs

If you want to create something that is usable, it is important to specify & define the problems and needs that your specific segment is struggling with before even beginning

Know their alternatives

It is important to investigate what the alternatives your segment have currently and be inspired of their ideas but also be critical for the elements you don't want to include in your work and learn from their mistakes


This always puts
a smile on my face

"It is not quite what I am looking for
and I don't know how to describe it,
but it just needs to be better..."