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Product management | UX | User flow & interaction | Scrum & Agile

Building tools

Configurable sites

I am currently working at Dynamicweb as a Product manager in the development department. Where I primarily have the focus on the product Rapido, which is a configurator to build Content/Ecommerce websites.

Here I have the responsibility for form the vision of the Rapido product, figure out the  frontend/backend functionalities set for the Roadmap, make specification of the user flow and the task of the solution, in collaboration with the developers and stakeholders through scrum & agile process until the product release.

User experience | User flow | User interaction

Ecommerce webshop & Music tool


I worked in Reeltrak as a User experience designer. Reeltrak is a music platform selling original music steams (Stems is a multi-track audio format). I had focus on the UX/UI, user flow on the website on desktop as well as iOS devices. Basic functionalities such as navigation, music list selection, the album details, purchase/checkout flow.   

The most interesting part was working on the interface for how the user should interact with the different multi-tracks.

Besides that I also created marketing videos & graphical campaigns for the webshop and social media

Programming | Digital | User tests | Interviews

Learning kit tool

A tangible learning kit for learning programming

I worked on a project investigating on how to develop programming assignment in primary school and how to implement it, in the school environment.

I conducted interviews from domain experts to get knowledge about what it require to implement this for pupils in primary school. 

I worked on a prototype  combining of LEGO WeDo materials (motors and sensors) and Scratch, to create story telling programming tasks, which was tangible and gained the pupils curiosity, The pupils went to problem solving , trial-and-error through a playful environment

3D modelling in Maya | User tests | Interviews

Virtual Reality

Spatial illusions in Virtual Reality environment

I worked in a project called “Spatial illusion in Virtual reality environment”. 

This was with focus on investigating different techniques in order to expand the walkable area in virtual reality, than the physical world. This implementation was done in a Virtual Reality lab. 

I had the focus on the 3D modelling & texturing on the environment, testing the product and conducted user tests and interviews , in order to collect qualitative and quantitative data.

3D modelling in Maya | User tests | Interviews

Virtual rooms

Procedurally generated clutter

I worked with a project called “Generated clutterizer ” with the focus on when users perceived habitability of a virtual room in relation to its clutter. Which can be used when generating understandable objects in games.

I had focus on creating the 3D models for the environment and conducting the users tests, interviews on users to gather data through the projects.