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Who am I ?

I am passionate about using my creative thinking and visual work for problem solving within IT. Creating solutions that guides and gives an experience for the end-user, while giving them a tool they can use. I like working with a team that are motivated, can communicate and gives constructive feedback, which brings the best of each-others skills and create a great working environment. I am structural and have general a great overview of my tasks, which gives me the benefit to keep everything in place and prioritised.

Currently I am working as a Product manager & User experience designer in a development department within software, where i am creating a roadmap, planning, creating and maintaining implementation tasks, using my UX and design skills to communicate with the teams developers, designers and QA what should be delivered. I have a background in Master in Science Engineering at Technical University of Denmark (DTU), with the focus on User experience and human computer interaction. 

In my spare time I like being active by doing sports and being creative through illustrations and drawings.

Expand knowledge & experiment

Trying something new and out of your comfort zone can be frighting, but you can also look at it as an adventure. It is important to always expand your knowledge and experimenting with different elements. Remember it is okay to fail, as long as you tried. Trial-and-error is the way of learning and can take time to be good at it, but maybe you will discover a new hobby of yours. 

Collaboration & Goals

“Great minds think a like.” Having talks and discussion with other people with great ideas is the best and it should not be underestimate. Learning new things from each other and improving each others skills by sharing knowledge, collaborating in teams in order to reach the common goal is so wonderful.

Challenges & struggles

It is hard to live without any challenges and struggles and it is not necessary a bad thing. Because we gather our experiences through positive experiences as well as challenges & struggles. It can be hard, however it is important to figure out to solve these challenges  that is on your way alone or together with others, reflect and learn from it.


Positive energy & a good laugh

It is very  important to keep a positive energy and have a good laugh once in a while even on periods with many challenges. Keeping bad energy for a long period of time in you is not good. It is contagious of the people around you and your surrounding and it will just not do any good. “What comes around goes around.”  Positive energy is also contagious, so spread the vibe.

What happens after studying?

I had some certain ideas about how life would be after studying.  The truth is, it feels like you never really grow up. You still need to study once in a while & have a dealine.

Why are processes important?

When trying to achieve a goal, it can be beneficial to divide the path into smaller tasks and use some known processes to make it easier to see downfall & results.

Well-being in a works place

As an employee having a good & healthy working environment is beneficial and important. But what makes a healthy working environment in a workplace?