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Handmade jewelry

Design | Handmade | Bling
These are my handmade jewelry, each and one of them are created with love. With lots of freshwater pearls, natural gems and beads

Swift by Dynamicweb

Product management | UX | User flow & interaction | Scrum & Agile

Create a B2C and B2B Ecommerce website through Swift by Dynamicweb. Configure the website so it fits the business. Has focus on performance, mobile-friendly websites

Visual editor

Product management | UX & UI | Design

Visual editor in Dynamicweb is a tool to create content in a much more visual manner. Where users easily can drag and drop existing designs into a page and edit its content such as text and images. They can also choose to build up their own page design using some of the column elements

Dynamicweb PIM

UX & UI Design

Product Information Management is to create an is an easy way for the website owner to structure and enrich your product data in a powerful manner. Enriching the products with the proper product information, images, videos and documents.

Rapido by Dynamicweb

Product management | UX | UI | Scrum & Agile

Implement an Ecommerce website, through configurable building blocks. A website with already predefined templates, which consist of the basic needs for an ecommerce site. Configure your website so it  fits your company brand. 

The Creative corner

Design | Illustrations | Digital

Poster by JTJ are illustrations that can be used for posters, decorating your room. Here you can find some selection of my work, where I play with different themes, colors, mood and type of illustrations.

someoneyou card game

Product management | UX & UI | Design

someoneyou is a social card game to create a space for people to belong for both friends, family and strangers. To socialise people and reduce loneliness. This card game will also let you explore and reflect on yourself and your surroundings.

Ecommerce webshop & Music tool

User experience | User flow | User interaction

Reeltrak is a music platform selling original music steams (Stems is a multi-track audio format). Where the individual tracks can be heard. The goal was to use it in music schools when studying instruments.

Spatial illusion in Virtual Reality Environment

3D modelling in Maya | User tests | Interviews

“Spatial illusion in Virtual reality environment” investigates different techniques in order to expand the walkable area in virtual reality, than the physical world. This implementation was done in a Virtual Reality lab. 

A tangible learning kit for learning programming

Programming | Digital | User tests | Interviews

This project investigates how to develop programming assignment in primary school and how to implement it, in the school environment. To learn programming in a fun and understandable manner.

Combining  LEGO WeDo materials (motors and sensors) and Scratch, to create story telling programming tasks, which was tangible.