Someoneyou card game

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The purpose-driven card game and movement to playfully belong with people.

  • 2+ players

  • 77 question cards

  • Illustrative rebel cards

  • Seven dimensions

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someoneyou is a purpose-driven card game, to playfully connect and belong with people.
It involves seven dimensions of connectivity. Questions, actions, hints, and rebel cards
are your best tools for meeting on the same wavelength.

Play with who you already know or even strangers. At your hangouts, online meet-ups, retreats,
dates, and even when you’re just sitting by yourself.
Anytime you want to get to know someone new, all you have to do is open and play.



A best friend, long-time-no-see’er, adventurous family member and colleague,
who gets curious again. someoneyou was crafted for you, who loves creating newly deep-rooted,
fun, and lifelong relationships for yourself and others.

When you move to a new space, school, or job,
or just want to get to know people with the “yeah, let’s do it” attitude? This game is crafted for you.


The game is designed to be played in the same space together,
but was tested successfully when played virtually.
Have some snacks and drinks around, it takes 1-2 hours. You can play it in Important:

someoneyou is a judgment-free zone, everyone and everything is allowed,
even rebelling the rules after reading them.

  1. Start the game by reading the START card

  2. For 2 players sit facing each other with the card deck in between.
    Player 1 reads the question, player 2 answers. Switch and alternate.

  3. For multiple players, sit in a circle with the card deck and a spinning bottle/dice in the middle.
    Let a spinning bottle top/dice randomly pick who answers next.

  4. Follow the flow of the game through the seven dimensions.
    When you encounter a HINT card, pause for reflection.

  5. At the end of each dimension, a REBEL card will wrap up that level
    and help you jump onto the next one.

  6. No matter how many levels you make it through,
    always end the game by finding the LAST card.




For the competitive, who play to win, you’re welcome here.
There is no point system, but there are two ways to play the game. You can play it safe, or full-engage.
Only one way to win. That is you end the game thinking: “I would rather be here,
than anywhere else. I need no filters or protective layers. I can breathe here and just be myself.”

When having the “I’m home” exhale (trust us, it is so powerful, you can’t miss it), you are a winner.


someoneyou is part of the Conscious Playspace™ movement. In the age of digital loneliness and identity loss,
this initiative aims to create tools and spaces for facilitating a new level of communion and depth
in human connection and relationships. Read more about the project here.

The card game paper is produced with the most sustainable material in Europe.

Thank you for purchasing your copy and contributing to the co-creation of deeper connections.

Play heart! 💛