Rapdio methodology

Dynamicweb is an All-in one software platform, which includes Content, Ecommerce, PIM and Marketing. Where it is possible to create an e-commerce website for B2B and B2C

Why Rapido?

Many Ecommerce sites consists of some similar elements. A product list, product page, checkout flow, campaign sites, news – blog articles etc. Why implement everything from scratch? Rapido supports some of the basic elements of an ecommerce site.


Implement a B2B or B2C Ecommerce website, through configurable building blocks. A website with already predefined templates, which consist of the basic elements for an ecommerce site. Configure your website so it fits your company needs.  

Responsibility areas

Product management & User experience design by Jennifer 
Frontend developement by Karsten & Konstantin
Quality Assurrance by Merethe and Olga

I have the responsibility for form the vision of the Rapido product, figure out and specify the  frontend/backend functionalities set for the Roadmap, make specification of the user flow and the task of the solution, in collaboration with the developers and stakeholders through scrum & agile process until the product release.