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Well-being at a work place

Why is it important?

Well-being and a healthy working environment is very important for an employee. It contributes to how well & productive we are performing on our given  task. We get more creative and engaged on what we are doing. The happier we are, the more interested, productive we will be, and the more we want to stay in out surrounding. 

What can we do?

What can we contribute as an employee to improve the well-being and a healthier work environment?

  • Socialise with others
  • Help your colleagues
  • Have a meaningful work
  • Remember to rest & plan vacation

Socialise with others

Find your colleagues during breaks and lunch. Socialise with others, this will reduce stress and if you are in a good mood, then this positive energy will spread. It is contagious, so better spread the good vibe!

Help your colleagues

Helping each other can also reduce some stress in a workplace. Specially if you are keeping some knowledge that others would find very helpful to solve their task.

Have a meaningful work

Think about what you do and think of those things that you like about your work.  Do you feel like your work is meaningful, in a way that you feel that it contribute to the company and the companies goal? As an employee feeling that all the work effort you put in can contribute to the company can feel like a success, if you share same goal as them. 

Remember to rest & plan vacation

Resting & planning vacation ahead helps to reduce stress and gives happiness, since you have something to look forward to that is not work related. A break is always good, and remember to have ‘Me-time’ enjoying your hobbies or socialise with your friends.

What can the companies offer?

A company with a healthy working environment should offer these things to the employees, in order to keep their happiness level up.

  • Share intelligence/ knowledge
  • Receive different type of tasks
  • Independence
  • Consult/discuss opinions

Share intelligence

An important part for me on a workplace is that I can grow and be more knowledgeable through some talks or discussions with my colleagues and leader. A mentor that can provide me with some knowledge or guidance  when discussing a specific topic, seeing it from different perspective and scenarios. Having the time to discuss work related topics is beneficial in a workplace to achieve some common knowledge and a culture.

Receive different type of tasks

A variation on the task that is given is rewarding. It should still familiar, but a change of task keeps you motivated and interested at your workplace. Sometimes, it can lead into new challenges, which can make you grow.


Having independency at workplace means that your leader/mentor trust that you will make the proper decisions. This can give space for creativity and solutions that maybe wasn’t visioned in the first place. Indecency does not mean you need to handle everything yourself, it is always good to ask for help and guidance, when you feel that you are out of track. 

Consult / discuss opinions

When solving a task or trying to put your leaders vision into life. It is beneficial to discuss knowledge , opinions and options. You don’t necessary need to agree on everything at first, but being able for you both to come with your own opinion is good in order to  trying to find the best solution and  strategy.