Me, You, Us

What happens after studying?

If you think you are done studying, then forget it...

We go to school most of our life, reading, studying and going to exams. When we have graduated, we can finally start a job. Some even starts working, before they graduated Bachelor/Masters. However, during my study I found out how important it was for me that things had :

  • a process
  • a structure
  • a clear goal & requirements.

These points was crucial to deliver good results, but it was not always the case during my study.
And I thought once I came to a company, all these points would automatically be a part of that, also that studying would be much less. But I was wrong, very wrong.

Structure, process , goal

You see, during my school years, I felt that the school was a bit unstructured sometimes when it comes to planning. Specially, if your school are trying out some new courses, or a new process, which happen to me during my bachelor. And that was really tiring! Of course, new things need to happen once in a while, but when you are around the chaos, it is hard to get an overview over the situation specially when you can feel that your teacher/professor has no idea what to expect of the new situation either.

I had an idea that when working in a company everything would be much more structured. The truth is that your company would likely be as unstructured, if not more.

You suddenly find out how structured or good it was at your study compare to what you are experiencing now. Since, your company would likely to change new process as well to improved or expand a new department, And this just takes time, in order to create a culture, good working environment, get use to the new changes. But if we are always striving after to be better and try to reach that goal, then we just need to take those actions and be patient. Since those small steps during the chaos would lead to a more structured process later on.

Study, learning an unfamiliar subject

During my work I found myself finding self-studying crucial as well. I wasn’t force to this, but in order to get a better understanding of the importance of my work, I needed to set my own goals, that I wanted to achieve to learn in order to improve my skills.

Some people find this interesting the ‘self-growth’ and some just continue with what they have learned. Either way works as long you are delivering the task needed on your work.

For me I like to be challenged and pushed to some areas that I am not necessary a specialist in. This can be uncomfortable in the beginning but this is only because it is a unfamiliar setting.

Try to suck in as much knowledge as possible, discuss and ask your colleagues if they have some expertise it that specific subject. Set up a scenarios for why you want to learn a specific subject and break it up into smaller task. By breaking it up to smaller task, you will get a  pieces of knowledge little by little, which is less overwhelming when entering a unfamiliar subject.

Most importantly try to make studying/learning fun.