Work, iterate, improve

Why are processes important?


Make your team work well together

Having a scrum framework & an agile process can make your team work well together and can be more productive when trying to achieve a goal together. Try out some of the existing framework and processes out there and implement on your team. A  responsibility area is given to each member of the team that they need to solve during the process of reaching the goal.

There are many courses and articles about Scrum and Agile process, I will simple highlight some of the areas in the process which is the most beneficial for me and works very well in my team.

Sprint planning

Under the planning all tasks for the coming sprint which is based from the roadmap, should be prioritised and be ready to ship to the members. An update of the roadmap should be done, to see if you still are on track.  


One step at a time. When working in a boxed time period with a specific topic or area, gives a certain focus on specific tasks which is described, prioritised and estimated in that period. This makes it easier to see a progress in a flow


To reach a goal a task needs to be described properly with user scenarios description, mock ups and divided into smaller tasks with an acceptance criteria which defines when a task is ‘Done’.


There needs to be a roadmap, to have some headlines and bullet points for some ideas of what should be included on the project/product in order to reach the goal.


A short daily meeting helps members to get in track what others are doing, if the task they are doing is still a part of the sprint, and they can also mention if they are struggling with a task.

Sprint reviews

Sprint reviews is set after a sprint has ended. This is where each member tells which task they have done and shows how it works. The most important part is that they take ownership of it.


I love working in iterations during the sprints, since it can be really hard to get it right the first time. You can come close to it, but a better result is given when working in iterations, to improve the things over time until it meets the clients needs.


To improve the process of the project in the next task it is important to have Retrospective to talk about what worked really well, and which areas should it be improved or changed to receive the maximum result.